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Steps to Life's Family and Home School Support Centre is offered to help families, whether they be home schoolers or send their children to school. Much of the information provided is applicable to both groups. Parents of children attending school are always on the lookout for quality character, skill and intelligence building books, DVDs, games, activities and projects. As well, home schooling parents are wanting the same plus additional assistance in sourcing the best curriculum outlines and materials for their children to follow.


The Journey

Are you starting out on the home schooling journey and want to know how to source the information and resources you need? You will benefit from the Sharing Center forum which allows you to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others who have previously completed, or are presently undertaking the same journey.

About Steps to Life

Steps to Life is a Christian ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. We are a not for profit, self funded, faith ministry. We are not a department of the official Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Aim

Our aims in establishing a Family and Home Schooling Support Centre, are to:

  • provide families with a directory which makes it easier for them to source information they want
  • create an online forum where families and home schoolers can learn from each other,
  • facilitate groups of home schoolers living in close proximity to each other,
  • place home schoolers in contact with educators with expertise in home schooling,
  • put you in touch with the Steps to Life's online shop ( ) which has a growing range of children's materials, family health materials and family health foods, etc.
  • - Inform you from time to time of events which strengthen and encourage all families.
Parents, Children and Grandparents involved in Home Schooling

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